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Our Story

Jungemann farm has been passed down through many generations. It was established in 1912 by Wilhem and Lydia Jungemann, where they raised their children. They all worked together raising cattle, pigs, and chickens. Once grown, their children stayed close to their parents starting up their own farms. Their youngest son, Marvin, and his wife Esther took over their farm, and operated mainly as a dairy. They raised their eight children on the homestead. Their youngest child, Glenn, took over the farm with his family. Glenn no longer resides at the farm, but he still operates his farm of about 1,000 sheep, along with his farmhands, Jose and Luis. His oldest daughter, Jennifer, lives on the homestead along with her husband, Joe, and a son, Landon.

Over the past years, Jungemann Farm has been home to many generations of Jungemanns. They all learned to have a deep appreciation for hard work and the results of that hard work. Many memories were made at Jungemann Farm, which were made all the more beautiful with the South Dakota sunrises and sunsets as their background. It was an experience so great, we decided to open our doors to other families to make their own memories. We hope to see you soon!

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